Breakdown Outline

The following outline accompanies the Explicit Revision–Outline Method Introduction GS:  Background Information or Explanation of MI: Bridge/GS:  Thesis:  Body Para 1 TS:  MD:  MiD: MD: MiD: MD:   CS: Body Para 2 TS:   MD:  MiD: MD:  MiD: MD:  CS:  Body Para 3 TS:  MD:  MiD: MD:  MiD: MD:  CS:  Concluding Para Reworded Thesis:   SS:  GS (strongestContinue reading “Breakdown Outline”

Explicit Revision–Outline Method

Struggling writers feel a sense of accomplishment and pride after completing an essay. The effort exerted to create the original draft often depletes their capacity to focus on and engage with the revision process. They believe the hard work is behind them; therefore, convincing them to revise their essay with fidelity is a challenge.   BeforeContinue reading “Explicit Revision–Outline Method”