The Personal Narrative Essay

          Write a narrative that connects to your reader Strong narrative essays all have one thing in common–they feel like fiction. The key to writing a narrative that draws your reader in is recreating a true story that includes the essential elements of fiction, such as character arc, setting, dialogue and resolution. The difference betweenContinue reading “The Personal Narrative Essay”

Breakdown Outline

The following outline accompanies the Explicit Revision–Outline Method Introduction GS:  Background Information or Explanation of MI: Bridge/GS:  Thesis:  Body Para 1 TS:  MD:  MiD: MD: MiD: MD:   CS: Body Para 2 TS:   MD:  MiD: MD:  MiD: MD:  CS:  Body Para 3 TS:  MD:  MiD: MD:  MiD: MD:  CS:  Concluding Para Reworded Thesis:   SS:  GS (strongestContinue reading “Breakdown Outline”